Natalie Portman on how going vegan makes your skin brighter

When Natalie Portman became vegan she found that her skin looked much better than when she was a vegetarian. Let's see whatshe said

Natalie Portman has the most perfect face, that's indisputable. She's all about effortless beauty and has retained the mystique of old Hollywood and an enviable healthy glow through nearly a lifetime.

Vegan friendly
When she became vegan, she found her skin to look much better than when she was a vegetarian. Natalie cut out dairy and eggs, and she's never had a breakout or acne since. She said that was definitely a suprising but welcome effect. Her diet seemingly played an important role in helping her maintain a spotless complexion.

Night-care routine 
At night she washes her face with a cleanser and toner, then moisturizes with an organic eye cream. Sometimes, she uses a face mask or rose oil for skincare.

Self-care routine is the new black
Natalie swears that her beauty routine of all the times was to drink tons of water and get a great night’s sleep. So she always has a rested and hydrated skin.

Beauty comes from the inside
To Natalie, beauty always starts on the inside. Someone who is loving, individual and passionate on the inside shines just as much on the outside, she said.

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