Morning routines: how Naomi Watts starts her day

A routine is everything for Naomi Watts, who is a busy actress, producer, founder of a skincare brand and mom. Read on to find out how she starts her day. 

6:45 a.m.: Naomi is a morning person, so she usually wakes up even before her alarm goes off.

7 a.m.: She takes 10-15 minutes to check her emails to see if there’s anything urgent that needs her attention. Otherwise, she’ll check the news or her Instagram. Naomi loves her coffee. Her trick is to prepare everything the night before, so she  just hits the on button in the morning. She doesn’t have breakfast until after her workout.

8 a.m.: She takes care of her pets (walking the dog and feeding her bunnies) as well as her plants in the garden. While watering her plants, she listens to a podcast.

9 a.m.: She get her children ready for school and then joins an online workout. She also loves Isaac Calpito’s live Instagram workout (@isaacboots).

10:15 a.m.: She takes a shower and spends a few minutes on her skincare routine.

11 a.m.: It’s finally time for breakfast. Naomi will have a green smoothie with a big glass of water with collagen powder. She may also have avocado o toast or yogurt depending on how hungry she is.

11:30 a.m.: Naomi will find a few minutes to meditate and then starts her working day.

Source: Goop

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