Morning routine: This is Lily Aldridge's secret to glowing skin

We all adore the spirit and grace of this Victoria's Secret Angel. Find out how she goes about including a perfect routine and keeping her skin on top!

Lily Aldridge has always attracted attention because she is a role model, a mother, an entrepreneur in the world of beauty, and a person full of love and energy. How can we not want to follow in her footsteps? What catches our attention is that radiant skin that, she admits, requires a lot of discipline to maintain. Let's see what her morning routine is!

Lily is religious about this morning routine

Morning routine
In the morning, Lily begins her routine with a hot water bath with arnica salts, this helps open skin pores and leaves her skin prepped for the next steps. She then applies moisturizer, followed by an anti-aging restorative eye cream.

The one product Lily will never miss is sunblock

Sun protection, always
Aside from excellent hydration, Lily claims to always wear sunscreen before going anywhere during the day. It's an incredibly important skincare rule for her and if she could go back in time, she says she would have incorporated more SPF since her teens.

Nutrition for the skin, it's always appreciated
Her skincare routine is minimalist, Lily just uses a cream enriched with powerful skin-nourishing ingredients like Lime Tea, Seaweed Extract, and La Mer's Miracle Broth. If she is consistent every morning, her skin thanks to her. By following these steps religiously, Lily has found that she has obtained an unparalleled glow on her skin.

Lily's skincare routine

Rosewater, the tonic we all love
The goodness of organic rose water, rose-infused facial toner soothes and hydrates the skin, and helps keep pH levels balanced. For Lily, it is super important in her routine as this facial toner inhibits the production of excess oil that can result in clogged pores.

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