All you need to know about how to choose a skincare routine that suits your skin like a glove

Mixed skin: How to choose a skincare routine that suits your skin like a glove

If you have combination skin, you need not fret over it! It is possible to treat both needs at the same time, let’s see what happens if you find the right routine for your skin.

If you happen to have mixed skin needs, you might know that it might sometimes get difficult to treat. But you can nevertheless find a routine that can combat dry patches and oily skin as well.

The cause

It is very difficult to actively change our skin type; it is genetically determined. Aging and hormonal changes can lead to changes in your skin –when you get older your skin becomes drier and contraceptives can change the hormones and cause your skin to change, for example.

When we talk about combination skin, we usually refer to oiliness in the T-zone and dryness on the cheeks, but it may vary.

How to identify your type of skin

Oily skin is typically characterized by:

Dryness is characterized by

The general rules

Treat each area separately

Ingredients you should choose

Hyaluronic acid

It is great to hydrate skin without adding oil to your skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a great way to hydrate combination skin.

Salicylic acid

It regulates oil production and it is great to unclog pores.

Lactic acid

It is a mild exfoliant that removes dead skin cells from the dry areas as well as cleansing your pores.


From shea butter to coconut oil, they soften dry skin.


They protect the skin from external damage and maintain the skin’s health in general.

Skincare routine for combination skin


Cleanser. Remove grime and sweat that builds up overnight.

Remove grime and sweat that builds up overnight.

Toner. This will remove any oil your cleanser missed and balance your skin’s pH levels. Skip alcohol-based toners.

Use a toner to balance pH.

Serum or treatment. These focus on hydrating and protecting your skin in the morning. Moisturizer. Choose two different moisturizers to hydrate and nourish various parts of your face.

Sunscreen. This helps mattify skin and protects against sun damage.


Makeup remover (if needed).

Cleanser. A good nighttime cleanser, will remove any remnants of makeup as well as the day’s dirt and grime, helping combat congestion and soothe dry skin.

Serum, treatment, or moisturizer.

You can apply serum at night.

The bottom line is that you have to be patient, finding your skincare routine might take some time, but it is worth trying!

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