Meet the "glassy blush" everyone is obsessed with!

This is just plain magic. There is no other explanation. And it makes sense for everyone to be obsessed with this wonder!

So, on the pot, it looks just like your regular translucent powder. But the second it touches your skin, that's when the magic begins!

Espressoh's Glassy Blush gets its name because it creates a glass-like sheen on the skin. When applied, the powder blends in with the pH of your skin and it creates a glossy look that suits your skin beautifully, whatever the tone.

The Italian brand was founded by Chiara Cascella, a former product developer. According to their website,  "The link (of the glassy blush) with an espresso shot was immediate: essential, simple, easy yet so powerful, and Italian of course." 

At the moment, their product offering is quite limited and this one is their signature one. The only problem? it keeps selling out because it is truly a jaw-dropper!

Their lipstick line comes in 9 shades and it is packed with coffee arabica seed oil to nourish your lips. And yes, it smells like coffee!

Their mascara is called Intenso and it definitely lives up to its name, because it adds instant drama to your eyelashes. And it is also packed with carnauba wax, rice wax, and beeswax for extra nourishing.

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Tina Reese

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