The best foundation and application for mature skin

Mature skin: how to choose the right foundation

Aging isn't a sin, and sooner or later it'll happen to everyone. When it comes to your makeup routine, changing it as you grow older is necessary, due to the changes in your skin's structure and needs. Here, learn which type of foundation is the best for mature skin!

Choosing the right color for your base makeup can be tricky, especially if you're shopping online or you can't try the products on your skin. Luckily, there's a trustworthy rule of thumb that will make it easier for you to get your skin's undertones, which will help you buy foundation with more accuracy.

Your undertones can be cool, warm, or neutral. The first ones can be recognized by the blue or purple veins that appear when looking at the skin under natural light. If you see greener tones and your skin appears more golden, your undertones are warm. Seeing a combination of these characteristics or a lack of them can be an indicator of neutral undertones.

Check the right formula for mature skin by looking at your skin under natural light

A great addition to skincare routines for mature skins is a primer. This is a product designed to even the skin and smooth bumpy ridges, which in turn helps the makeup you apply on top to stay in place for longer. The result will be an even makeup base that holds your makeup in place for longer!

Be aware that your primer should be hydrating or illuminating, instead of matte. This will give your look a refreshed finish. However, try to use a primer sparingly, only when it's necessary, and always remember to wait a few minutes for it to dry, before adding any layers on top.

Choosing the right foundation for mature skin isn’t hard.

When choosing a type of formula, try to avoid matte ones. It'll give your face a dull look and can enhance fine lines. Your skin is already losing its elasticity, which can cause it to appear more lackluster. Instead, opt for a hydrating lightweight formula that'll make the skin on your face look youthful, even, and refreshed.

However, if you're going through menopause, you'll likely benefit from a different kind of formula. These should be "long-wear", to last through the whole day. A formula that's not occlusive but still covers your face is a good choice as well.

The best foundation for mature skin is one that hydrates your skin.

The main problem with mature skin and makeup is the higher chances for the foundation to pill. There are different places where you can find a solution to this problem. Firstly, always hydrate your skin to strengthen your makeup's adhesion to it. Secondly, avoid overloading your face with makeup and allow every layer to dry before adding something on top.

As you can see, there are makeup bases for every skin type, including mature ones. By consciously choosing the right one for you, you'll achieve the fresh look you were looking for! Simply pay attention to the color, the formula, and other products to make the most of your foundation.

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