Make your own natural vitamin E hair mask for thick and healthy hair

You don't have to spend a fortune on products that overpromise and underachieve. Homemade masks can be just as good as store-bought ones. 

Why vitamin E?

Vitamin E is well-known for its antioxidant properties that help reduce and fight free radicals and protect the body’s cells. Vitamin E is becoming more and more common in body lotions, hand creams, and hair care products. 

Vitamin E hair mask to make at home


Vitamin E is fast becoming the miracle cure for dull and damaged hair, bringing back life, and shine to your locks.

Make your own hair mask with Vitamin E:

A hair mask is used to soothe or treat the scalp. While your hair can be hydrated, you can't really make a lot of difference by using a mask only on the lengths. Instead, focus the mask on your scalp where it will be making the biggest difference.

Shiny healthy hair with this DYI mask

To make an easy mask rich in vitamin E at home, combine the following ingredients in a blender:

To use:

  1. Mix all the ingredients and apply the mask to your scalp with your fingers. Use a towel to wrap around your hair.

  2. Let it sit for 20 minutes to an hour

  3. Wash it off with warm water and a gentle shampoo.

These tips and tricks are very useful for taking care of your hair. Now you know that vitamin E, because of its antioxidant properties, can help reduce free radical damage and protect your hair.

Cathy Mason

Cathy has spent most of her professional life discovering homemade beauty remedies, old and new. Using her extensive knowledge of natural ingredients, Cathy will provide expert advice on how to tackle everyday skincare problems with straightforward natural lotions and potions. + info

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