Lucy Hale about 5 ways to style your short hair. Photo: Lucy Hale Lucy Hale about 5 ways to style your short hair. Photo: Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale about 5 ways to style your short hair

The actress's styling tricks and possible hairdos about short hair.

Lucy Hale has a dark choppy bob haircut, enviable. And she looks so fresh. So it's necessary to know her short-hair secrets, styling tips and hairdos.

1. Always a stylish bob haircut
Her cut has changed with small alterations, but never in length. The interpreter has worn it smooth as a table, as references for glass hair. It has also worn it with more informal waves in recent times. Despite not having modified the length of her hair, Lucy has demonstrated the infinite possibilities that this cut has whenever she has had the opportunity.

2. Low ponytail
Lucy decided a while ago to dispense with the straightening irons and plays with all the possibilities that her hair offers, such as more wavy hairstyles. On occasions when it has required a more arranged collection, the actress has chosen to highlight her long bangs with waves and to collect the rest of the hair in a low ponytail.

3. Waves bow tie
The actress has worn her waves gathered with a bow. A retro look option that she brought to perfection with the pied de poule jacket she chose to show this hairstyle. If you wear a velvet bow, sophistication is on your side.

4. Pearl hairpins lover
Lucy Hale wore a semi-gathered bun with pearl hairpins, one of the hair accessories that has raised the most passions in the last year. It's a fun hairdo and it's trendy. In addition, it's perfect to try to appease the high temperatures in the hot months of summer.

5. Super straight bob
Lucy sometimes wears a super straight bob haircut. She said when she's wearing her hair straight, she uses a serum or lotion. Then, she uses a flat iron to smooth things over.

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