Lifestyle: Angelina Jolie demonstrated that you can wear your mask without losing your style and elegance

Angelina Jolie knows the importance of using the mask to protect others against COVID She learned in these times how to combine a mask with a white dress.

Angelina Jolie is a celebrity who is a reference for many generations. Not only is she a talented actress, but also for her spirit of helping others.

The actress has complied with the lockdown along with her family. However, now that some activities are resumed she is ready to go back to her daily activities and knows how to do so in style.

She was recently seen entering a restaurant with her son Pax. While he was wearing a total black look, she was wearing a white dress with very elegant details and a very stylish facemask.

The Los Angeles native celebrity opted for a gorgeous summer dress that looks timeless and stylish.

Angelina Jolie has worn a gray Everlane facemask with her dress. The brand that has launched masks in this tone, black, tie dye and some other prints. She knows that these masks are necessary to protect herself, her family and everyone from contagion.

The actress shows that you can wear a mask in style. Hopefully, this serves as an example for others. 

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