Highlight your dark hair with aubergine shade

Learn more about Eggplant Shade. The new trend in hair coloring

If you are tired of your typical repeated black tone, you have an option that you may like: eggplant tone, do you want to know how to achieve it?

When we want to wear dark hair, the black shade is usually crowned as the favorite of many.

There is no doubt that this color is one of the deepest and most beautiful colors to wear in your hair. It is a tone that suits all skin types.

However, it is a color that requires a lot of commitment, since it contains pigments that are very difficult to extract.

Not everyone is in love with the intensity of traditional pure black, so we look for other shades that allow us to show off our dark hair.

One shade that has recently gained popularity is the eggplant shade. Have you heard of it?

Sensual tone

Eggplant is a sensual tone that allows you to show off a dark hair, but with an interesting twist of violet or purple that resembles, as its name suggests, the tone of the fruit it alludes to.

It's a subtle and perfect tone if you don't want to wear black, but you don't want to go completely purple either.

This tone is inspired by the peel of an aubergine, which has a wide range of shades that can go from slightly reddish violets to those purples with a greater intensity of black.

The eggplant tone can be the protagonist of different styles of coloring. One of the simplest techniques is to dye all your hair with this beautiful shade.

If you also apply the balayage technique you can show off the ends of your hair with the eggplant shade.

Eggplant balayage is one of the best coloring techniques if your hair is wavy or you usually style it in soft waves.

You can also wear the eggplant shade on the top of your head and have a subtle transition to a darker shade on the end of your hair.

This shade also tends to go well with slightly grayish bases. The contrast between the two shades is amazing.

If you want a bluish-black at the base of your head, but want to add a touch of warmth to your look, opt to dye your ends with the beautiful eggplant shade.

Eggplant is a super feminine and beautiful style to give a twist to traditional black or electric purple. 

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