K-beauty: Glass skin, the skincare routine trend. Photo: @drobotdean K-beauty: Glass skin, the skincare routine trend. Photo: @drobotdean

K-beauty: Glass skin, the skincare routine trend

If you want a skin without blemishes or shine, but looking luminous and peachy, you're looking for "glass skin." Let's see what it's about!  

Glass skin is a skincare and beauty care trend where you have to combine a demanding facial care routine and a high-shine makeup technique. Both parts are essential, as foundations and concealers can improve the appearance of your skin, but they do not work magic and you will have to work with your skin to eliminate entire pores, pimples, and imperfections.

Glass skin is suitable for all skin from acne-prone to mature.

The founder
Glass skin became popular thanks to Ellie Choi, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist, who became famous online for her glowing skin.

Step One: Cleansing

The first step is to get a good cleansing routine, which in Korea is done in several times:

1. Micellar water: First a make-up remover is used, preferably two-phase or oil-based, as it has more make-up remover power.

2. Cleansing gel: Then we will use a facial cleaning gel that is easily rinsed off with water.

3. Hydrated skin: To finish, apply toner, serum, and your usual cream. You must keep your skin highly hydrated, preferably with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. This is very important since with dehydrated skin you would never get that juicy and moist effect.

4. Exfoliation: Once a week, exfoliate your skin and apply an extra hydrating mask. Since to eliminate the accumulation of dead cells you need more than a daily deep cleaning.

5. Skin peeling: If you have spots on the skin, we recommend treating them with peeling and then maintaining the result with a serum or depigmenting cream for daily use.

Good cleansing routine gets to the root of breakouts.

Step Two: Makeup

Before starting, hydrate your skin and wait for the product to penetrate before starting to apply makeup.

1. Choose the foundation: It would be ideal to have a single foundation that will erase imperfections and provide a matte and luminous finish at the same time. For now, we will choose a matte liquid foundation.

Use bronzer to have a shiny look.

2. Choose a highlighter: To get the "glow" effect it is very important to have a good highlighter. We recommend applying it with your fingers, so you get a more natural look than with a brush. Apply a thin layer of highlighter over the entire face, and then with a small brush, focus on the key areas to accentuate the highlights: on the upper lip, cheekbones, bridge, and tip of the nose.

Avoid applying highlighter to the sides of your nose and on your forehead. And if you have oily skin, use a mattifying product beforehand.

Lisa Eldridge's guide to glass skin

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