Japanese manicure: Step by step to have naturally shiny and strong nails Japanese manicure: Step by step to have naturally shiny and strong nails

Japanese manicure: Step by step to have naturally shiny and strong nails

If you have heard of this ancient technique, it is time for you to include it in your routine. The results are amazing!

Japanese manicure is an ancient Japanese technique that has the peculiarity that all the products used for it are made without synthetic chemicals of any kind.

What this treatment consists of
Once you remove the nail polish, you will go through a disinfection phase with a disinfectant liquid that is usually used warm. Then they will file your nails with a ceramic nail file to the length and shape you want. The next one softens the cuticles with jojoba oil and an orange stick is used to remove them. The master, as those who perform this technique are called, will apply a cream to the nail bed. Then, he will proceed to polish your nails, and once polished with a calfskin polishing tool, a special paste is applied.

Japanese Manicure brilliantly enhances the natural nails.

Strengthening nails naturally
After polishing the nails, a mineral paste is applied. Minerals also allow nails to grow faster and stronger. The paste is a powder to which another polishing tool is applied. The protective film helps to achieve smoothness and shine and protects the nail from damage.

Indicated for brittle or brittle nails
This technique helps restore the nails' pure, healthy pink hue, and natural shine. This is due to the ingredients contained in the natural paste applied during the treatment: vitamin A and E, keratin, beeswax, and silica from the Sea of Japan.

Step by step of Japanese manicure

1 - First, your manicurist or master cleans and shapes your nails.

2- Then, the cuticles are treated.

3- The manicurist continues polishing and smoothing the nail.

4- They apply a special beeswax paste and massage it on the nail.

5- The nail is polished with talcum powder.

6 - The process ends with a hand massage.

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