Is coloring synonymous with damage? All you need to know about hair dying

If you want to dye without damaging your hair, you should follow these steps. Look!

If you are about to dye your hair to cover gray hair, bring luminosity to the face, or simply to renew yourself, dyeing without damaging the hair is possible. But before continuing or giving the hairdresser free rein, it is worth taking into account some considerations.

Hair dye can definitely dry out your hair.

Tincture or tone on tone?
These are two products that, although they have the same purpose, act differently. The dyes have chemical components that penetrate the roots and the hair fiber; there are options with and without ammonia. While, the tone on tone or semi-permanent colorations, act at a more superficial level and do not contain ammonia. The results are also different, conventional dyes completely cover gray hair, tone on tone, instead, they tone them. They reflect more than color. If you make a brown, the gray is more highlighted, copper-like, and the hair is brown. It is like makeup. On the other hand, dyes require more maintenance, since, by providing a uniform tone, they leave the roots more visible as the hair grows.

Is coloring synonymous with damage?
Luckily, the time when coloring hair was synonymous with damaging it is long gone. Today, dyes have been reformulated to be less aggressive and new product categories have also appeared that provide extra care.

It is also possible to use certain products during coloring to reduce damage, such as Smartbond. It is an additive that provides cohesion and resistance to the hair fiber; After use, the hair is healthy, soft, and strong, and the color lasts longer.

Hair dyes contain a cocktail of strong chemicals.

How to combine the dye with straightening and perms?
The coloring can coexist with straightening and perms, although with certain conditions.
The straightening or permanent, which today we call shape, have aggressive components that sweep the color, therefore, they should always be done before the coloring. As for the haircut, it is not true that dyed hair needs to go through the scissors more often.

Be careful if you are looking for a total look change
Finally, if you are looking for a drastic change, it is essential to do it in a living room and not at home. That way, experts can advise which are the most flattering shades depending on skin tone and eye color and make sure to attack the hair as little as possible.

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