If you had to choose one hair oil, we recommend this one

If you had to choose one hair oil, we recommend this one

If you only have one hair oil you probably think you don't have enough products to take care of your hair, but you're wrong. That's why here we tell you everything you need to know about using vitamin E hair oil.

Where can we find vitamin E oil?

Vitamin E oil is found in many whole foods, such as leafy vegetables, olive oil, nuts and seeds. There are several hair products with vitamin E oil on the market if you don't want to create your own hair solution. You can also buy bottles of vitamin E hair oil drops or cut oral capsules to use the oil directly on your hair and scalp.

Everything you need to know about vitamin E hair oil

About the benefits of Vitamin E hair oil

Taking advantage of vitamin E oil for hair can include eating foods rich in vitamin E oil, applying vitamin E oil to the scalp and hair, and taking oral supplements.

Vitamin E oil stimulates hair growth

Vitamin E oil has been shown to increase blood supply to the scalp. A 2001 study found that this increased blood supply can stimulate hair growth.

About the benefits of Vitamin E hair oil

Scalp Rejuvenation

Vitamin E oil provides conditioning to the scalp itself, increasing skin moisture and helping those with dry and scaly scalps. Potent antioxidants can help create a healthy environment for the scalp.

Prevention of hair loss

Another benefit of vitamin E oil for hair may be the prevention of the rupture of existing hair follicles. Vitamin E has natural antioxidant effects that can help maintain hair growth.

Prevents hair loss // Photo by Bruce Mars

Increases shine and strength of hair

The moisture that the vitamin E oil brings to the scalp and hair helps maintain that post-salon shine. Also, vitamin E oil can strengthen existing hair follicles and prevent split ends.

Who can use it and how?

Anyone with rough or dry, damaged hair or scalp can use it. Vitamin E oil can be applied in drops to the scalp with a carrier oil after showering every other day. Eat whole foods that have the added benefit of promoting your overall health and nutrition as well.

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