How to treat and care for oily skin How to treat and care for oily skin

How to treat and care for oily skin

Having oily skin is a condition that many people live with. If you have or you think you have oily skin, do not let it become a headache. Learn how to deal with it instead!

The first question of all is if you really know what type of skin you have. You can discover if your skin is oily by paying attention to it. Oily skin is characterized by having big pores, oily sensations throughout the day, and blemishes. It is common to see pimples due to the combination of excess oil with dirt that remains on the surface.

Acne can easily appear on oily faces.

According to experts, oily skin needs special care. Many people think that by cleaning more the skin they will improve the situation. Although it sounds logical, it is not this way. Actually, the more we clean the face, the more sebum the skin will produce to replenish it. The best option instead is to use the correct products that are designed for this type of skin. You can also clean it in the morning and before going to bed.

Moreover, it may sound paradoxical, but oily skin can be dehydrated too. If you apply some moisturizer and your skin does not absorb it properly, your skin might be dehydrated. This can be caused by many factors like diet, allergies, stress, and poor quality makeup products.

Make sure you choose the correct products to clean your skin.

The best solution is to use gentle cleansers that remove impurities without breaking the skin's natural barrier, along with hydrating treatments that restore water levels.

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