What you should know about taking care of skin under the armpits

Our skin is the most extensive and abundant organ of our body. And its health is intimately related to other organs and systems, especially the nervous and immune systems.

It fulfills important functions in our organism, as it is a barrier against physical and chemical aggression in the environment and participates in the regulation of body temperature, among others.

Healthy skin is a reflection of the specific care that we provide and all the factors that allow us to enjoy good general health, such as healthy eating, correct sleeping habits, or physical activity.

We should use antiperspirants that are effective and well-tolerated by our skin

Lack of moisture, chemical irritants, excessive rubbing, excessive exposure to solar radiation, cause damage to the skin barrier of the skin producing inflammation, which can lead to diffuse darkening of the affected skin.

What happens to the skin in the armpits?

Skin folds, such as the armpits, are areas that are more frequently pigmented than the rest, producing the dreaded spots. This is due to external factors such as sweat, the fact that it is an area usually covered by clothing, habits such as waxing, and contact with potential irritants.

Armpit skincare

We should use antiperspirants that are effective and well-tolerated by our skin, which should also provide moisture. Ideally, they should contain natural components that help prevent inflammation.

It is important to clean our armpits daily with warm water and mild soap.

We must avoid excessive rubbing, for example with very tight clothing, and not expose our armpits directly to the sun. We should also protect them from UV radiation.

How to take care of the skin of the armpits?

It is necessary to consult a specialist in case of severe or recurrent inflammation and/or pigmentation of the armpits, in order to be able to opt for an adequate diagnosis and treatment.

It is also necessary to consult to choose the most suitable method of depilation for each type of skin.

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