How to strengthen your eyelashes and make them grow healthier and longer!

There is a reason why all make-up artists love mascara. But it doesn't all depend on how good your mascara is, because eyelashes need a little care too. Here are some tips to improve your health.  

Everyone knows that mascara is the fashionable product of any makeup lover. It makes eyelashes look longer and fuller naturally with the following tips and tricks.

Remember to remove your mascara. // Ph: Javi_indy

If you have realized you're not giving your lashes the treatment they deserve, learn what you need to do to make them look healthier and let them rest some time from the constant makeup.

Follow a healthy diet

As we are what we eat, a balanced diet and good eating habits are the basis of many aspects of our life. Food affects everything from the way you feel to how you look. Yes! Having a variety of nutrients in our diet will also help us to have stronger eyelashes.

How to strengthen your eyelashes and make them grow healthier

Use oils

It is very useful for many things, and also to help our eyelashes grow stronger. Eyelashes are slow to grow. But you can give it a boost using olive or sweet almond oil because they both contain vitamin E, which contributes to this process and make them grow healthier and stronger. Use cotton wool to apply a few drops on your eyelashes before you go to bed (leave overnight). Argan oil works just as well.

Take care of your eyelashes the right way

Remove makeup correctly

Correct removal of makeup is always a good idea. Every time you use some type of makeup, you should remove it at the end of the day. And do not forget your eyelashes! The main thing is not to rub your eyes. Soak a cotton round in your favorite eye makeup removal, and gently press over your eyes. Wait for a few seconds and then gently wipe off. Repeat if necessary. Do not pull to rub in.

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After you take off your makeup, and before going to bed, you can spread vaseline, coconut oil, or the aforementioned oils over your eyelashes with your fingers. This helps them to grow stronger. When you wake up the next day, do not forget to cleanse. This can also be done with green tea and aloe vera.

With these easy tips, you will ensure that your lashes get the love they need!

Check out these natural oils and serums to take care of your eyelashes:

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