How to reset your skin if it is having any of these 3 major meltdowns

How to reset your skin if it is having any of these 3 major meltdowns

Our skin is all about a delicate balance, and sometimes we fail to maintain it. If you are feeling like your skin is about to throw a tantrum, you have to reset it. Here is how to!

If you don’t normally notice breakouts but you are experiencing pimples that linger for weeks, extremely dry skin or stinging skin, you might require a skin reset. There are 3 main types of skin meltdown.

Breakouts out of the blue

If you experience an eruption of pimples similar to those experienced in period pimples, but following a different pattern. Period pimples tend to appear in the same spot near your chin and jawline and of course, near your period. On the other hand, this kind of breakout can appear anywhere in your face and body –completely unexpected.

What causes them is not very clear, sometimes it could be using the wrong product, over-exfoliation or even the climate.

You might experience breakouts out of the blue.

How to reset breakouts

Exfoliate with a product that will get rid of excess oil and dead skin build-up to unclog your pores –go for products that contain niacinamide –a natural anti-inflammatory. Don’t forget to tone and apply a vitamin C serum to protect the skin from free radical damage. Last but not least, moisturize with a glycerin-based lotion.

Irritated stinging skin

Your skin becomes red, it hurts and feels like your skin is on fire –this could be due to a reaction to a product or rosacea. One of the most common reasons why you might get irritated skin is because you have burned the top layers of your skin –fragrance, essential oils, aggressive acids and alcohols might cause this.

Irritated stinging skin

How to reset irritation

You have to give up all your previous routine and replace your products with gentler ones and once your skin is back to normal add slowly one by one your regular products to see who your skin reacts.

To begin your detox, eliminate any type of active ingredient to start with –acids, retinol, etc. are out of the question. Cleanse with a glycerin-based face wash and tone with thermal water, when choosing a moisturizer, ceramide products are the best.

Dry and scaly skin

If you feel your skin is super dry and none of your moisturizers seem to be doing the trick –it’s because it’s not penetrating your skin at all. One of the reasons why you might be suffering from this is because the top layer has been lifted and it has created a barrier to anything penetrating.

Dry and scaly skin

How to reset it

Avoid acids and scrubs –they can cause further damage. The goal is to soften dead skin so, choose a cleanser infused with oils and a toner whit ceramides and panthenol. As a serum, you can choose one based on antioxidants, peptides, hyaluronic acid or ceramides to lock in the moisture.

It takes more or less 27 days for your skin to reset, you have to be patient! If you don’t see any improvement in two weeks make an appointment with a dermatologist.

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