How to make the most out of your polished nails How to make the most out of your polished nails

How to make the most out of your polished nails

Nails and hands are one of the first things we see. And they help in the creation of the first impression. Discover how to take full advantage of your nails.

Nails need some care and there is no doubt about it. Although traditional manicure has been left behind on many occasions, you must know you can still use them! For example, one of the myths around nail polish is that nails must rest from time to time. This statement is true, but when talking about gel. Let's see what else you should take into account!

It is essential to apply a base coat.

If you get the traditional manicure, you can contribute to the health of your nails by applying a base coat. There are many types, and you can get one that nourishes your nails. Besides, it will be very helpful to prevent breakage or splitting.

One of the most frequent problems with nails is that they are brittle. This condition is caused by a lack of nutrients in the diet, so if this becomes serious, you could seek professional help. You can also complement the treatment with products with nutrients.

Be careful when filing nails.

Another good idea is to buy and invest in cuticle oil. Applying some from time to time will not only make your fingertips softer but will also contribute to the growth of the nails and the nutrients will make them stronger. It's everything you were looking for! You can have it in your purse and apply it frequently.

Finally, if you file your nails at home, you must be careful. A good first step is to choose the correct file. You can get it by taking into account the type of nails you have. Then, make sure you file in one direction, not both to prevent peeling.

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