How to make the most out of your mascara: 6 tips you should know

Everyone has their own hacks, tricks, and secrets to look stunning when applying makeup. Even if we do not wear a super complicated and full-on look, eyelashes are always a must to look awake. Discover how you can improve your mascara application. 

No matter what type of makeup we use and how much we are willing to put on makeup, mascara turns out to be a must if we want to enhance the look. Besides, there are some tricks you might be missing to improve the look of your lashes.

1. Find the right brush

Finding the correct product can be challenging. You should consider the length and thickness of the lashes because there are many brushes on the market. So, for smaller lashes, you can get smaller brushes. After applying mascara, using a metal lash comb will enhance the results and get rid of the extra product. 

Lashes enhance any look.

2. Learn to apply correctly 

Even though it may seem unimportant, the angle at which your lashes grow, matters. You can slightly tilt your head back, so you can reach the roots of your lashes easier. If you notice the liquid is getting thick, do not panic! This can frequently happen and the solution is to apply some drops of saline solution. Voila! You have your mascara again, good as new.

3. Get a curler

No doubt having curled eyelashes can be a gift. However, it can be enhanced or even achieved if your lashes are totally straight. A curler is a solution. And it should not be just another accessory, but a fundamental accessory for any look. A curler will open your eyes and make you seem more awake. Don't forget to clean it with a tissue after each use, and make sure you change the refill when it wears out. 

Having a curler among your makeup tools is a great idea.

4. Get a primer

Finally, you can consider buying a lash primer to prepare your lashes before you apply mascara. This way, you will create a friendly environment so that the mascara lasts longer.

5. Don't pump the mascara

Pumping the wand into the tub will only get air in, making your mascara last way less than it should. Instead, twirl it around to get more product on. Remember to always check the product for any changes in smell and consistency. Mascara tends to last about 6 months. 

Tips to make your mascara last longer

6. Change direction

Try switching up the direction you hold your wand to customize it to your lashes. Hold it horizontally for thicker lashes, vertically to coat each lash for a more natural finish. Finally, coat your lashes with zig-zag movements.

You can re-use your mascara wand. After your mascara runs out, wash the wand thoroughly and use it to comb brows!

And that's it! Did you know all these hacks? Let's make the most out of our mascara!

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