How to make a homemade facial cleanser for all skin types

How to make a homemade facial cleanser for all skin types

The most important step in any beauty routine is the proper cleaning of the skin, and for this, we will need a good facial cleanser. A good facial cleanser is a key step in any routine. Learn how to make your own!

The skin is often affected by dust, sweat, dirt, and a series of pathogens that are acquired every day from being exposed to a large number of environmental factors.

The good news is that there are many facial cleansers out there now. Although they can be purchased in various forms on the market, there are also healthy and organic alternatives that can be easily made at home.

How to make a homemade facial cleanser for all skin types

Next, we want to share a homemade cleanser made with ingredients of natural origin, whose properties nourish and help repair for a more renewed skin.

Oatmeal and clay facial cleanser:

According to a study published by the journal Ars Pharmaceutica, you can opt for a more appropriate cleanser, such as the one that is prepared with oatmeal, clay, and other soothing ingredients, it will guarantee smoother skin and free of impurities without causing negative effects.

How to make this clay oatmeal facial cleanser?

As its ingredients are very easy to buy in the market and they are not so expensive, this natural cleanser can be prepared at home following a few very simple steps.

We will apply it at night to eliminate the accumulated impurities of the day.  



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