This is how your skin can benefit from the oil cleansing method

How to include the oil cleansing method into your skincare routine

If you’re updated on the latest skincare news, you've probably heard of cleansing oils and the oil cleansing method. These additions to the beauty industry were proven to have very positive impacts on the skin, which is why many people look forward to including them in their current skincare routine. Here are some things to take into account, together with the best ways to incorporate the oil cleansing method in your life.

The first thing to consider is that oil cleansers won't work properly with water, as these substances naturally repel each other. For this reason, both your hands and face must be dry before applying the product, or else it won't bring its full potentials to your skincare routine.

As the oil needs to penetrate your skin pores in order to act properly and clean the dirt and oils off them, you need to apply it with a light massage. Use your fingertips or a crystal face roller to make small circular movements, which will open up the pores and allow the oil to reach deeper parts of your skin. You can also achieve this with the help of a warm muslin cloth or washcloth.

The oil cleansing method includes a cleansing oil that’s applied to your skin with a light massage.

To rinse off the oil cleanser, gently remove it with a cloth, like the ones mentioned above, and warm water. It should be the perfect balance between hot water, which would damage your skin barrier, and cold water, which would harden the oil cleanser and make it harder to remove.

Always make sure that you've rinsed off the entirety of the product before continuing with your routine. As it’s an oil cleanser, when it's left on your skin, it can cause breakouts and prevent other products from working. This is especially true in sensitive areas of your face, such as the skin around your eyes.

Once you’ve tried the oil cleansing method, make sure to remove the cleansing oil before continuing your skincare routine.

After the oil cleanse, you may benefit from an optional second cleanse with a cream cleanser. This product will help you get rid of any leftover dirt or residue, and also strengthen your skin. Its commonly found glycerin and hyaluronic acid components are great hydrating agents, from which your skin will greatly benefit.

If you've incorporated the oil cleansing method into your routine to remove your makeup, a second cleanse can completely remove any leftover mascara or lipstick. In this case, however, a bit of cleansing oil on damp cotton can be enough to make the trick.

To remove any makeup left after the first oil cleanse, apply some cleansing oil on damp cotton.

The rest of your skincare routine should include moisturizers and nourishing serums or creams. As the oil cleansing method works wonders when removing dirt, oil, and makeup from your face, what's left is simply to hydrate and nourish the skin in order to maintain its strength.

The oil cleansing method has collected many followers in the past months, are you interested in it now, after you’ve read more about it? You can give it a try and include a cleansing oil in your skincare routine as you've learned in this article -what are you waiting for?

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