How to choose the right foundation for your skin? Never make a mistake again

Choosing the right foundation for your skin will mean that you will look in the right shade. Learn how to choose which one is right for your skin type.

Finding the right foundation seems to be an everyday thing but it is not. There are endless shades, but we can find foundations depending on the type of skin we have and we can even choose them based on the undertone of our skin.

Understanding your skin's undertone is key to finding the right foundation.

1. Identify your undertone

Choose the foundation that most closely matches the color of your face, you must also choose the one that has the same undertone as your skin.

There are different types of undertones: yellow, pink, neutral, and olive, and depending on these you can buy your foundation from a warm, cold, or neutral tone.

If your undertone is pink, it is best to choose a warm undertone foundation. If instead, it is more yellow, you should choose a cool undertone foundation. If you have a neutral or olive undertone, a neutral background foundation is better.

Choose your foundation, whether you need it for dry skin or for oily skin.

2. Choose the foundation based on the coverage

If you want the foundation to cover your face completely or look much lighter, here you must choose which one will suit you best.

3. Choose the foundation according to your skin type

These are the foundation formulas for the different types of skin that exist:

4. Test the foundation before you buy it

The foundation cannot be tried on the arms or wrists. The color of the arms usually differs from the tone of your face, so the foundation should be tried on the final part of the jaw, between the ear and the neck: this is the part with the most neutral pigmentation.

How to choose the right foundation for your skin? Never make a mistake again

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