How often should you actually wash your hair?

While each person is different and your hair washing habits will depend upon season, skin and hair type and activity levels, we will guve you some tips to help you have healthy hair. 

During the lockdown, we have more time to spend in our hair, that's right. And there's  a question round and round in our head: "How often should I wash my hair?" Depending on your hair type, not washing your hair enough can cause dandruff, irritation, and even hair loss. But washing all the time can lead to an increase in oil production and scalp inflammation. 

Frequency washing your hair differs between hair types.

Don't wash your hair every day of your life
The overwhelming advice tends to be to avoid washing every day. Many shampoos contain harsh chemicals like sulphates that are used to create lather and can inflame your scalp (and dry out your hair). 

It's recommended washing your hair every 2-3 days.

And, so?
Most experts recommend washing your hair every 2-3 days. It depends on your hair type, of course. Also, if you workout frequently, use a lot of styling products, color your hair or work in polluted environments, you may need to wash your hair more often.

To help counteract the damage, try this sulfate-free products.

Your hair changes  
Hair can suffer from health and emotional disruption, climatic changes and can become finer, oilier, drier, and smoother at different moments of life. You should pay attention to those changes and adapt. In general terms, using supfite-free shampoos, letting your hair dry naturally, avoid harsh styling products, using special towels for your hair and an occasional mask will help you have the silky smooth hair we all want. 

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