Honey hair: This is how Negin Mirsalehi cares for her curls. Photo: Instagram Honey hair: This is how Negin Mirsalehi cares for her curls. Photo: Instagram

Honey hair: This is how Negin Mirsalehi cares for her curls

A beekeeper and influencer, Negin takes care of her hair in a very particular way. Let's see what this is about!

Negin Mirsalehi, a model from the Netherlands, launched Gisou, a haircare brand featuring honey from her family's bee garden. Five years later, she's taking the power of honey to the top, as Gisou launched in Sephora last month.

The secret to beautiful hair
Of course, their outfits and the benefits in fashion leave us astonished, there are many who speak only about their hair. An Instagram account set based on her long wavy hair. And so on to endless compliments towards the XXL mane of this Amsterdam-based Persian who meets all the requirements of fashion influencers and is an active Forbes Under 30 girl.

It's about balance
Her photos are every girl's dream, a catalog of a beautiful, healthy, traveling, fit and cool girl who adores green eats like green smoothies, avocado, salmon, Valentino dresses, and the pink to give color to the lips.

Generations of beekeepers
Negin belongs to a family of six generations with experience in the world of beekeeping. The story begins with her father, says Negin, remembering the bee garden where she played as a child and where she now finds peace and is reunited with herself.

A natural hair moisturizer
The great secret of beautiful hair: honey, a natural moisturizing ingredient with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Her mother always said that honey is the food for her hair. Years later Negin would have brought that secret beauty to another level, her haircare line.

The golden curl
Negin has her own line of hair infusion with honey in the form of oil which he has called Gisou or "golden curl" in Persian and which is inspired by another childhood memory: the infusions of honey for the hair that her mother, a hairdresser, made with honey from the family garden when she was little.

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