Hollywood smile: how to achieve celebs teeth

Even, hyper white, of a good size; celebrities have perfect teeth, and it is not just the work of genetics. Let's see what it is about!

Celebs have the best smiles and generally resort to cosmetic treatments ranging from whitening to veneer placement, as a good smile makes all the difference.

But you have to be cautious and not be seduced by those advertisements that promise to achieve impeccable teeth in a matter of minutes.

Whitening system, what is it about?
Any teeth whitening system has the potential to damage teeth, gums, tongue, and cheeks. It is that the peroxide gels that are used to clarify have to be well controlled by the professional because if they are applied indiscriminately they can generate chemical burns in the soft tissues and/or lose the enamel layer of the teeth, which would be a real drama.

An ingredient often used in dental whitening gels is carbamide peroxide, a common bleaching agent.

How to whiten teeth at home
There are two systems for whitening: home use and office use. The first option is much less aggressive, which is why it is often recommended. In any case, it is advisable to involve the dentist in the task, they may be asked to give them a kit with everything they need and to explain how to perform the procedure. A key tip is to floss very well so that there are also white between tooth and tooth.

Tricks to whiten teeth
Of course, there are also homemade tricks that promise to whiten, the most classic is to swish with hydrogen peroxide. However, the result is much less noticeable, whitening gels penetrate the teeth, while hydrogen peroxide works at a superficial level and removes only the pigments that have recently deposited on the teeth. Take into account that some foods and drinks (wine, tea, soft drinks, certain fruits, etc.) cause acid erosion, that is, they soften the enamel and can damage it; this process causes the teeth to change color and even appear transparent.

Healthy foods improve your diet and the health of your teeth.

Eat Healthily
To maintain a very white smile it is necessary to eat healthily and not choose so many acids or consume them at meals and not between meals and, if you do not have a hygiene kit, at least make three intense swishes with water to eliminate waste. white teeth are not enough to have the perfect smile, alignment is essential.

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