Hold on! You shouldn't use these skincare products during winter

Cold weather can dry your skin and damage your skin barrier. This is why experts recommend avoiding certain products. Here's what you should know.

Winter has a lot of beautiful things, but there is one huge downside: it can wreak havoc on your skin. According to Papri Sarkar, a dermatologist based in Massachusetts, "The decreased humidity, colder temperatures, and frigid breezes all work together to dry out the skin and damage the skin barrier."

Cold temperatures can damage your skin barrier.

"Once the skin barrier is damaged, it's easier for things that are supposed to stay out of the skin to get in and for moisture to get out. The combination of these things makes skin more likely to be dry, irritated, and itchy in the winter," she added in an interview with Insider.

What products should be avoided?

There are certain products you should avoid to prevent skin damage.

Alcohol-based toners are on top of the list because they tend to dry your skin. Toners are a kind of holy grail for controlling oil and balancing the skin, but during colder months, those that contain alcohol can really damage your skin.

Another thing to avoid is clay masks. If you have to use them (keyword: have to), do so sparingly. Your skincare routine should change with the weather, so keep in mind that clay masks can be great during summer, but not so much during winter.

It is also important to keep exfoliators to a minimum. "I think it's fine to continue to exfoliate, but in the winter it's really easy to over-exfoliate and really damage your skin barrier," Sarkar said. "So if you're exfoliating, go slow and don't overdo it."

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