Have you heard about the "Fountain of youth"? It's wine therapy!

Wine is not only meant to drink! It is has been also used in revitalizing skin therapies. We know, it´s an expensive way of preventing aging. But wine therapy has become very popular in the past few years.

For centuries, people have tried to find different ways of being younger. Or, at least, of preventing old age from coming. Creams, herbs, mud, and milk have been chosen as designated saviors. But who thought about wines? 

As strange as it may seem, wine applied directly to the skin can keep it young for longer. Wine therapy is a body and organic care system adopted by aesthetic specialists to slow down the skin aging process.

Wine therapy has been adopted by specialists to slow down the skin aging process.

It´s because grapes, the base ingredient in wine, contain all the trace elements necessary for optimal skin nutrition. Its high content of polyphenols makes this fruit a true free radical scavenger, mainly responsible for the cell aging process. Once released, polyphenols act on tissues to remove water naturally. Its effectiveness is recognized for the stimulation of microcirculation and the protection of elastin in skin tissue.


  1. It can be used for massages, baths, and in local applications.
  2. It can be used in friction, because of its exfoliating properties.
  3. It can be used as a mask. Wine promotes cell regeneration, firms pores, and nourishes skin tissue. In facial water, wine hydrates the skin, softens and relaxes it.
  4. The antioxidant properties of wine allow optimal detoxification of the entire body.
  5. In immersion, the penetration of the components of the wine through the skin layer calms muscular tensions, stimulates blood circulation, treats blood pressure problems, and cures joint infections.
When used as a mask, wine therapy can promote cell regeneration, firm pores, and nourish skin tissue.

Having said that, we must not forget that the consumption of a glass of wine with the meal helps to prevent cardiovascular accidents. So, if you want to keep your skin young for longer and avoid wrinkle treatments, we suggest you try wine therapy.

Tina Reese

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