Halloween makeup: check out these simple and amazing ideas Halloween makeup: check out these simple and amazing ideas

Halloween makeup: check out these simple and amazing ideas

Are you up for spooky makeup? 

You might have your costume on point and your home decor solved, so it's time to get serious and talk about Halloween makeup!

If you are under the impression that in order to get a spooky Halloween look you need to be an expert and have a million different makeup products, then you are wrong! Here are some simple tricks to get your makeup done and get in the mood of the season.

The David Bowie one

Feel like Ziggy Stardust in no time!

Inspired by the cover of his album Aladdin Sane, you can totally rock the bolt the iconic musician made so popular. You need a color palette that has a reddish and blueish shade and black liner to separate the two color blocks of the bolt. In under 10 minutes, you will be ready to rock!

The Pop Art one

Dots are the key!

If you have a flash color palette and some white and black liners, you can totally recreate your own comic book character. Start with your base makeup, and then focus on the dots, which are the key to this makeup. The best way of getting your dots right is by finding something that can work as a kind of stamp, so they all look the same!

The Black Swan one

If you are a movie fan, you might want to try this simple idea: inspired by Natalie Portman's character in Black Swan,  a movie that is almost 10 years old, but that can still make quite an impressive costume. Start off by making your skin as pale as you can. Then, trace the outline of the feathers around your eyes. It can be messy, as it is supposed to be feather-y! Once outlined, fill the space with your fingers using eyeliner. Finish by applying a silver liner!

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