Hair steaming could be the DIY you were looking for

Hair steaming is the hair treatment you did not know you needed

Hair steaming could be the DIY that you were looking for. What is it? What are its benefits? Is it actually possible to do it at home? Find out the answers here

What is hair steaming?

Hair steaming is a technique that has been used for many years, especially in afro hair salons. It is about coating your hair in nourishing oils, applying heat, and leaving your hair to absorb all the vapors. This process allows produces moist heat and the cuticle of your hair will gently swell and will absorb in equal parts the water and the moisturizer. Dry heat from a normal dryer will lift the cuticle, allowing the treatment to penetrate the hair, but it will not allow the product to penetrate too deeply. To enhance penetration, it is often suggested to use a plastic cap when using a hooded dryer as it will contain the moisture in the plastic cap.

Hair steaming permits conditioner and treatments to penetrate deeper // Photo by Bodyandsoul

What are the benefits?

Hydrated hair is healthy hair and hair steaming can help you with that. Here we list its benefits:

Purifies the scalp 

When we apply steam to our scalp, dead skin cells and dirt from it and the roots of your hair will become loose, and hence, they will be more easily removed. What's more, not only will the steam increase the blood flow on your scalp and help your hair grow, but it will also allow the nutrients of your treatment to penetrate at a deeper level.

Hydrates deeply damaged hair

By allowing hair treatments to penetrate more deeply, your hair will be more elastic -thus it won't break as often-, softer and if your hair is curly, it will help to reshape and boost your curls

It will help to reshape and boost your curls. 

Can stimulate growth

By allowing the nutrients to penetrate your scalp and increasing the flow of natural oils and blood on your scalp, it will also provide a moisturized atmosphere for your hair to flourish

Hair steaming helps repair damaged hair

Is it possible to do it at home?

Absolutely yes! And here is how:

Step 1: After shampooing your hair apply a moisturizing mask or hair oil from the roots to the ends. Section hair and secure it into a bun.

After shampooing your hair apply a moisturizing mask or hair oil.

Step 2: Using a plastic hair cap or cling wrap cover hair. Then cover with a hot towel. 

Step 3: Depending on your hair type you may need to leave it on longer. For example, if you have dry and damaged hair, you should let it work between 20 to 30 minutes before washing out as normal. Rinse your hair, doing a good scalp massage. But if that is not your case, leave the towel on your hair for at least 10 minutes to give your cuticles time to lift and absorb the conditioner.

How often should we steam your hair?

This depends on the condition. If your hair is relatively healthy, then once a month should be OK. If your hair is very dry, it would be a good idea to steam every 7-10 days. 

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