Hair rollers: This is why they have become trendy again

Hair rollers had lost their popularity some time ago, but they have recently been rediscovered by younger generations. This is why!

While hair rollers as we know them were first made in the 19th century, even the Egyptians would use sticks and the heat of the sun to style their manes. The good news is that rollers have evolved and there are “hot” rollers that will have time and it would also make it easier for you to apply them. If you have never given it a try, here is why you should.

f you have never given it a try, here is why you should.

Rollers take about 10 seconds to heat up and once you have done it, you can continue doing other things –as opposed to curling wands that have you parting each strand and take up more time.

Rollers add volume to your hair without damaging your hair as much as curling wands and flat irons.

How to apply them

Once you have rolled them up, you can go on to do other things

1. Wash your hair, apply some heat protectant and let it dry –or blow dry it.

2.  Separate hair strands in sections according to the size of your rollers, place it at the ends and roll towards your scalp, secure it with a pin and repeat until you’ve placed all the rollers.

3. Let them set, cool and that’s it! If you use regular rollers, you can use your hair dryer to heat each section.

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