Hair moisturizing: this is how it's done!

Hydrated hair is quite important, especially for some people. If you want to have a shiny, soft, and healthy mane, here are some tips that will be of absolute help.

Keeping your hair healthy and hydrated is not important for the strands but also for your scalp. Dull hair and an unhealthy scalp can lead to weak hair or even hair loss!

Here are some basic tips to stay on top of your moisturizing game.

Whenever possible, avoid sulfates

Avoid shampoos with sulfate!

Always go for sulfate-free shampoos. The difference? you won't get that foamy feeling, but they are way gentler on your hair. Shampoos containing any type of sulfate tend to strip your scalp from its natural oils, triggering skin conditions. This, ultimately, can lead to frizz, or physical damage.


Co-washing is a game-changer.

This is a very popular trend right now. Co-wash, or conditioner washing, allows a gentle cleanse without the drying ingredients of regular products. You have to use a very specific type of conditioner that will hydrate your mane and keep an eye on your washing schedule, too!

Choose shampoos that have emollients

Choose shampoos that have emollients

Since you are there checking your shampoo label to make sure it's sulfate-free, also look for emollients. Ideally, natural emollients. Pro-tip: shampoos or conditioners labeled as "smoothing" or "frizz-free" usually have natural emollients among the main ingredients.

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