Learn how stress can affect your hair

Hair loss: Learn how stress can affect your hair

You may have heard that stress can cause hair loss, but is that really true? Absolutely yes. Find more information in this article

How can stress affect your hair?

Stress is your body’s reaction to a threat that raises cortisol, a hormone responsible for many functions in the body. When you experience stress, cortisol triggers the release of pro-inflammatory proteins. This leads to a reduction in hair follicles’ nutrient source and it also produces more sebum, which is a good thing but too much can be bad. However, this process is reversible as long as you learn how to manage your stress levels. 

The lack of sleep and worrying too much are some of the factors that can contribute to stress in your life

However, there are also other factors that can influence your hair wellness

Stress is not caused only by one thing, it is usually a combination of different factors. Nowadays with the pandemic, the whole world is dealing with probably more stress than ever. So, these are some of the factors that can contribute to stress in your life: 

Moreover, you are more prone to inflammation as you age which can affect your health and your hair. This makes taking care of yourself more important to stay healthy. 

Exercising will help you better manage stress

How to deal with stress to support your hair health

Pay attention to your diet: There are some foods that trigger inflammation, they include sugar, dairy, gluten. So try to avoid these foods and go for nutrient-rich foods. 

Meditate: Meditation has many health benefits and it will help you relax, focusing on your breath. If you have never tried meditation, you should. Here are 5 tips to start meditating. 

Take care of yourself: Making your self-care a priority is essential to give you a break from stress. So take some time for yourself: call a friend, do what you love, do your skincare routine, etc. 

Exercise: Not only is working out good for your body but also for your mind: it will help you better manage stress. It is not necessary to be at the gym every day, doing some exercise just a few days a week is enough and you can consider other activities such as going for a walk or doing yoga. Learn more about the mental benefits of working out.

How to take care of your hair 

Besides having good habits and a healthy diet, it is important to know what your hair needs. Choose your products wisely and go for some made for your hair type. Many useful products will help you face hair loss or any other hair issue. 

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