Freshly-painted manicures: How to make them last long Freshly-painted manicures: How to make them last long

Freshly-painted manicures: How to make them last long

Nowadays, there are many options when talking about manicures. Some of the new methods are trend because they last many days. However, the traditional manicure is still an option and many people go for it. Learn some tricks to make it last longer.

A traditional manicure does not last that long, or at least lasts less than gel nails, there are many factors that can even make it last less. If you do them at home or just choose freshly-painted manicures you can try some tricks to enjoy them for some more days!

Buffing your nails a little will remove any irregularity.

Prepare your nails

You can rub some nail polish on your nails before you start with the enamel. This will remove anything that remains on the surface of your nails and as a result, you will avoid complications. Buffing your nails a little will also remove any irregularity.

Shake the bottle

If you are going to use a polish that has been sat stagnant some time you can try rolling the bottle between your hands instead of shaking it. You will lubricate the formula and achieve a smoother finish.

Hot water and harsh chemicals can damage your enamel.

Avoid hot water

Especially in the first 24 hours. This tip is also helpful for gel nails too. Hot showers or baths are not an ally of the manicure. If you are going to be in touch with hot water you can use gloves. Try to avoid bleach or harsh chemicals too. 

Applying more than two layers is not a good idea.

How many layers do you apply?

Applying more than 2 layers of polish may seem to be more secure. But this is not correct. The best option is to make two thin layers of enamel and finish with a topcoat. You will ensure a quick-dry and avoid bubbles or easy peeling.  

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