Facial Yoga: easy 'Yotox' exercises.  You’ll see results in 10 days! Facial Yoga: easy 'Yotox' exercises.  You’ll see results in 10 days!

Facial Yoga: easy 'Yotox' exercises. You’ll see results in 10 days!

Many people ask themselves what is Yotox?  Here we are going to tell you all about 'Yotox', which is like Botox but without the needles, and must be done every morning before applying our favorite creams.

Why is Yotox so famous? Facial yoga is very popular and used by celebrities, such as Meghan Markle, Miranda Kerr, or Jennifer Aniston, because it is a natural and free alternative to cosmetic medicine.

Facial Yoga exercises for relaxation

What do we need to start with the easy 'Yotox' exercises?

Facial Yoga: easy 'Yotox' exercises.  You’ll see results in 10 days!


10 Basic Exercises 

1. Warm-up: make small concentric circles with your fingers on your scalp, as if you were washing your hair. This massage activates the circulation and releases tension.

Facial Yoga simple exercises for glowing skin

2. Take your earlobes between your thumb and index finger and lift them with small pressures towards the tip of your ears.

3. Fight against flabbiness. A movement for the platysma, the largest muscle in the neck: placing closed fists under the chin, try to open your mouth by using your knuckles. Repeat 30 times.

4. Another one for the neck: with the chin up, try to smile downwards 10 times.

Yotox: Facial yoga that replaces Botox

5.  Lift the cheekbones: make a crooked smile, first on one side, then on the other, 15 on each.

6. With your chin up, send kisses or blow upwards 30 times. This exercise and the previous one help to stretch the neck and define the facial oval.

7. Smooth horizontal forehead wrinkles: by placing your fingertips in the center of your forehead, horizontally, push your fingers gently upward while looking down.

Fight wrinkles around the mouth with these simple facial yoga exercises

8. Vertical wrinkles: try frowning, resisting with your fingertips, this time vertically. 30

9. Fight wrinkles around the mouth: inflate your cheeks with a balloon fish effect. It helps to relax them from inside the mouth.

10. Relax eye contour: try the telescope exercise. Try opening your eyelids with your fingers placed like imaginary glasses around your eyes. Repeat 30 times. 

It takes a lot of perseverance to incorporate them into our daily beauty routine. You can exercise every single facial muscle, which will dramatically improve your appearance. It is like exercising your abs or biceps.

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