Facial Yoga: 3 simple Anti-aging exercises you can do at home

If you need to delay aging without invasive procedures, facial yoga is a great ally to achieve this. Here we share 3 Anti-aging facial yoga exercises you can easily do at home.

We are all going to age at some point, that's true, but... There is a way to delay the signs of aging in our skin.

Discover health benefits to facial yoga exercises besides anti-aging.

What is facial yoga all about?

Facial yoga is a technique that prevents and, in some cases, even reverses the signs of aging. According to specialists, the 57 muscles of the face and neck are strengthened with facial yoga exercises, so you should start applying the following tips and tricks.

Facial Yoga Exercises

1. Cheek sculpt

To tighten the skin of the cheekbones, gently grasp the skin and massage outward. And then suck your cheeks in.

Facial yoga can tighten your facial skin through controlled movements.

2.The V

With two fingers, massage the area between the eyebrows upwards to relax expression lines in that area. Apply gentle pressure.

3. Keep your forehead smooth

Massage the expression lines from the forehead upwards. Make two fists and place them on your forehead and maintain pressure as you slowly slide your fists to either side.

Bonus: Follow this routine to improve your neck and jaw area!


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