Facial Yoga: 3 simple Anti-aging exercises you can do at home

Facial Yoga: 3 simple Anti-aging exercises you can do at home

The passage of time is inevitable, but you can avoid its effects on your skin and face. If you’re looking for a way to delay aging without any invasive procedures, facial yoga is a great ally to achieve this. Here are 3 anti-aging facial yoga exercises you can easily do at home.

What is facial yoga?

Facial yoga is a technique that prevents and, in some cases, even reverses the signs of aging. According to specialists, the 57 muscles of the face and neck are strengthened with facial yoga exercises, which in turn gives your face a youthful look without the signs usually associated with aging.

The key is the repetitive movements that you’ll practice on the muscles from your face with facial yoga. These are a form of resistance training, which works very well to boost the blood circulation to the skin on your face. Facial yoga is also a way to get rid of the tension you’ve accumulated on your face, leaving it more relaxed. Additionally, your muscles become stronger, thus improving their elasticity.

The overall result of facial yoga is a healthier, rejuvenated face. The relaxing and strengthening of the muscles on your face will help you combat strains, smoothen lines, and lift the skin on your face. What are you waiting for? Give it a try with these anti-aging techniques!

1. Cheek sculpt

You can easily help the skin around your cheekbones lift itself by strengthening it with cheek sculpts. These are movements designed especially for those who wish to work the muscles on their cheeks, which will help to present a more youthful look with rounder and plumper cheeks.

The movements themselves are very simple. Start by closing your lips tightly, a necessary step to be able to later suck in your cheeks. By this point, you should have formed so-called “fish lips”. Hold this position and, after ten minutes have passed, relax your face. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Facial yoga can tighten your facial skin through controlled movements.

2. The two V’s

Your eyes are one of the bearers of most aging indicators. Among the age-associated elements that can appear in the area around your eyes, there are crow’s feet, lines between your eyes and your temples; eye bags, darker circles below your lower eyelids; and puffy eyes. Luckily, these can be delayed and even prevented with this facial yoga exercise, which focuses on the muscles around your eyes.

As the name indicates, begin with your index and middle fingers forming two V-shapes. Place their fingertips on your eyebrows and apply a bit of pressure. While holding this position, look up with your eyes, without moving your head. Then, raise your lower eyelids, in a squinting movement. Relax your face and repeat this whole process 7 times in total, after which you should end the exercise with a gentle eye squeeze for ten seconds.

Discover the health benefits of facial yoga exercises to combat aging.

3. Forehead strengthener

The skin on your forehead is also prone to age-related aesthetic concerns. Many people find their forehead lines and/or wrinkles unbearable, and wish for a way to smoothen them down. This facial yoga exercise comes in handy in this situation, as it focuses its acupressure-like movements on this area of the face to remove the accumulated tension.

First of all, turn your hands into fists and place them on your forehead, with your index and middle fingers’ knuckles facing down and touching your face. Whilst applying gentle pressure on the muscles on your face, slide your hands to the sides of your head, in a slow movement that’ll end by your temples. There, apply some extra pressure before raising your fists back up and starting again. Repeat the exercise 4 times.

Bonus: Follow this routine to improve your neck and jaw area!


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