Anti-aging face massage: 4 techniques to lift your face Anti-aging face massage: 4 techniques to lift your face

Anti-aging face massage: 4 techniques to lift your face

Far from starting invasive techniques to combat signs of aging, facial massages reactivate every subcutaneous muscle. With facial massage tools growing in popularity, we decided to talk about some techniques you can use at home for a relaxing and toning facial massage. 

Facial massages are the tendency to reverse the signs of the passage of time. Some beauty products only act on the texture of the skin, while the exercise will target the muscles and subcutaneous tissues to tone or relax facial muscles. We hold a lot of tension in our face, jaw, and neck and a simple massage will help the muscles to relax and perform gentle lymphatic drainage. 

1. Facial yoga to tighten the skin
If you want to gain muscle tone, facial yoga promotes a series of gentle techniques, adapted to the morphology of each person's skin. For example, opening your shoulders and extending your distance from your ears allows you to erase the fine mini lines that form on your neck. Or, the importance of stretching the trapezius muscles at night so that the neck appears longer and less wrinkled. 

2. Face Fitness
By working on tense areas of the face and neck but also by improving posture, this technique corrects the effects of gravity. Each session begins with techniques that aim to relax overworked muscles. Then we move on to more toning exercises.

3. High tech Gua Sha
The gua sha is the faithful companion of the jade roller, that instrument that consists of two rotating ends of different sizes and shapes. This tool works every inch of the face and has been used for centuries. And because it is made of surgical steel or quartz, it can be used hot or cold to enhance its effects. Make sure to get a good facial oil to use Gua Sha with as you need the skin to be slippery enough so it's not pulled and damaged during the massage. 

4. Face sculpting roller for skin aerobics
Perfectly matched to the contours of the face, this double-ended sculpting roller reaffirms some areas that are often difficult to work with, through deep massage. Can be used with serum, oil, or moisturizer on freshly cleansed skin. The roller is easy to use but you should never apply too much pressure on your skin. Make some time for roller massage when you're watching TV or reading a book. 


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