Everything you must know about makeup expiration dates Everything you must know about makeup expiration dates

Everything you must know about makeup expiration dates

Although makeup seems to last forever, it does not. And using it after the expiration date can be counterproductive.

Considering how much makeup costs, nobody wants to waste it, but if the expiration date arrives it is better to stop using it. Sometimes we even make it last longer, but we forget about the short lifespan of makeup products. 

Makeup products do not last forever.

The date that is on the packaging is usually a guideline to take into account. If makeup is well stored, in a dry and cool place, mostly unopened and sealed, the estimated time of duration is 2 to 3 years. 

However, this is only an estimate and guideline to take into account, because creamy products with oils can get rancid easier due to their components. If the products have a natural formula, without preservatives, they can expire before too.

Products that contain oils can get rancid easier.

When the expiration date arrives, there's no need to rush and throw it away immediately. But you must know that its performance and the result you get might not be the ones you were expecting. If you keep using it even after some time it has expired, you can be applying some bacteria that may have grown inside the makeup and may lead to acne, rashes, and eye infections, etc.

If you want to sure about the date of expiration of your makeup products, you can check out the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol (an open jar with a number) on the product which will tell you the months you have between the day you open it and the day it expires

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