Easy 5 Minute Makeup for Video Conference

A Paris-based makeup artist and YouTube star, Andreea Ali, has posted a simple tutorial on how to achieve a perfect video conference-ready makeup.

With most of us stuck at home now, we rely more than ever on video calls. Unfortunately, you may have already realised that makeup does not really look on camera like you imagine it. Yet looking healthy and put-together is super important, especially if you’re going to see your boss through a tiny camera. Getting dressed and putting on make up is a fantastic way to feel way better and more motivated than lounging around in pyjamas all day-no matter how comfy.

Highlighting which products are important to look great on camera, Ali simplifies the look, making it quick enough to apply 5 minutes before your call.

If you have time, check out her other video on common makeup mistakes. It’s a game changer.

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