Don't throw them away! The 4 useful uses for eggshells Don't throw them away! The 4 useful uses for eggshells

Don't throw them away! The 4 useful uses for eggshells

Don't throw away the eggshells, you can recycle and reuse them. If you take advantage of all the components of your kitchen you could lead a more sustainable life.

The eggshell, which you have probably been throwing away until now, is made up of essential minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, manganese, iron, and, mainly, 90% calcium, an essential mineral for bones, teeth, the cardiovascular system and other organs. It can be used as a natural beauty ingredient and even as a plant fertilizer.

Why waste empty eggshells by just throwing them in the trash?

How to use the eggshell?

Boil the shells to eliminate bacteria that may live on the surface. Dry and take them to the oven on medium heat for 10 minutes. Crush until powdery and use.

Use eggshells to detoxify.

1. Eggshell exfoliating and nourishing mask
For radiant skin, mix 2 teaspoons of eggshell powder with 1 white. Apply on previously clean and dry face. Leave on for 15 minutes and remove with plenty of warm water. Repeat once a week.

Eggshell makes the skin glow, adding glow to your face.

2. Nail Strengthener
If your nails are slow to grow or are a little brittle, put 1/4 teaspoon of powder in cruelty-free polish and paint your nails as usual.

3. Ally in the garden and natural fertilizer
Use the eggshell as a natural fertilizer by adding the eggshell powder to the soil once a month. It protects plants and flowers from possible pests such as slugs and snails.

Grind eggshells into a fine powder and rub it against your teeth every morning.

4. Stops toothache
One of the many useful uses for eggshells is using it to stop a toothache. Just place a clove on a sore tooth or gum and it helps to stop the pain until you can seek out the dental treatment.

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