Does yoga benefit our skin? This is what experts say

If you want to boost your natural glow, you might want to check out how yoga can have an impact on your skin.

As yoga is a comprehensive practice, it helps you keep a healthy mind and a healthy body. And do you know what that translates to? Healthier skin.

Yoga can absolutely make you look younger, together with a healthy diet and a healthy mind. Here are some yoga tips to achieve glowing skin.

Does yoga really help your skin?

Mind your asanas

Asanas, or yoga postures, help increase blood circulation and reduce toxins. There are some particular asanas that are more helpful than others. For example, those that focus on the head and face (like cobra pose, fish pose, shoulder stand, triangle pose, and child pose). All inverted postures are particularly helpful.

Mind your cool down

If you want to keep your breakouts under control, you need to find a way of cooling down. Acne is, sometimes, more problematic during summer. Help your skin cool down with the appropriate pranayama or breathing exercises, such as hissing breath. This will help you retain your natural glow.

Mind your digestion

Yoga has a huge impact on your digestive process and it can absolutely help. Twisting poses are ideal for detoxifying. You can also try to do quick rounds of sun salutation sequence, because it will help you detox, improving your skin.

Facial yoga shows results pretty fast.

Mind your facial yoga

Yes! There’s specific yoga for your face and it is, as a matter of fact, quite helpful. It just takes 20 minutes every day and you will see fast results. Massage your jaws to reduce stress, your eyebrows for instant relaxation, and practice a few sequences of “kiss and smile” to keep your lips and cheeks plumpy

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