Haircare: 6 tips to make your hair grow healthier and stronger

When it comes to hair care, most people choose to spend little time on it, mainly due to lack of time rather than simple indifference. However, there are ways to make your hair grow healthier and stronger with these 5 helpful tips that don’t take up much time in your everyday life. .

You want your hair to look healthier and stronger... But how can we help you in the process? There are many ways we can help our hair grow faster in our daily routine.

It is essential to have good habits in order to protect our hair.

1. Get a haircut regularly

An unhealthy-looking hair may just be in need of a haircut in order to receive its previous glow back. Even if it’s only a trim, it’s advised to leave no more than 6 or 8 weeks between haircuts. This will not only help the hair grow faster, but it’ll also be healthier, due to the fact that split ends don’t allow hair growth, increase risks of breakage, and make your hair look lackluster.

Regular haircuts will help you prevent breakage and boost your hair’s glow.

2. Massage your scalp

Remember doing this when you’re having a shower and you’ve applied some shampoo. You can also try to massage your scalp with olive, argan, and sweet almond oil, which you’ll have to remove afterward with a shower. The important part is to apply some of the chosen substances on your fingertips and use them to massage your scalp for a few minutes. There are also devices you can buy for this job, but the key is the gentleness and pressure of your fingertips.

Regular scalp massages can have many health benefits and positive effects on your hair. It’s been proven that this habit helps to reduce the risks of hair loss and treat alopecia. By massaging the hair follicles, you also stretch these cells and boost blood circulation, which stimulates thicker hair production as well as hair growth.

A regular scalp massage helps to promote hair growth and it’s a good addition to your haircare routine.

3. Brush your hair

Brushing your hair can help to evenly distribute its nutrients and natural oils. You should do this twice a day, always in the same direction: from the hair roots to the tips. The key is to avoid tugging, as it can increase the possibility of breakage and thinning, which will be counterproductive even if you manage to detangle your hair. In essence, brush your hair wisely and gently!

In order to prevent hair damage when brushing, you should wait until it’s dry unless you have textured or tightly curled hair, as other hair types are much weaker when they’re wet. There are also certain brushes that can be extra aggressive to your scalp, such as bristle brushes. Instead, opt for wide-tooth combs and plastic alternatives. You can purchase an anti-tangle hairbrush as well.

Brushing your hair can help its growth, as long as you keep it gentle.

4. Hydrate and keep a healthy diet

Drinking water is always a good piece of advice, but it’s important to point out that it’ll also help your hair grow faster and healthier. Try adding a slice of lemon, frozen berries or a few mints leaves to the water for a more pleasant scent. Your hair will end up not only healthier but also prettier!

A healthy diet will also benefit your hair, as there are nutrients that you get from food and impact your hair growth and structure. For example, protein helps to prevent dryness and brittleness. Iron plays a big role in boosting hair growth, while vitamins A and C strengthen the hair and omega-3 fatty acids hydrate it.

Did you know that your diet has an impact on your hair growth?

5. Avoid using straighteners and hairdryers

Styling your hair with heat, for example, with curling irons or hair straighteners, is very harmful to its structure. If possible, try not to use these styling tools unless they’re essential, or limit their use to special occasions. If you do end up using them, make sure you use a heat-protecting product to prevent damages. You can also try these natural proteins and antioxidant hair masks to nourish your hair!

The constant use of heat styling tools, like hair straighteners, can negatively impact your hair’s health.

6. Explore essential oils

Studies have shown that essential oils may help promote hair growth. For example, peppermint oil has been claimed to increase dermal thickness, follicle number, and follicle depth. Discover 3 essential oils you can mix with your shampoo.

With these tips, you can take care of your hair in a few minutes and make your hair look better, and grow healthier.

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