DIY Haircuts: 3 ways to cut your own hair at home

Try these haircuts to do all by yourself, but please, take off the kitchen scissors!

Cutting your hair at home, with a little bit of practice, it can be easy to create amazing styles.

To start you must see what tools you have (and which ones you should buy), make a list!

Give yourself a haircut at home

Scissors: Having a conventional hairdressing scissors won't hurt. Make sure they are sharp and habe a comfy grip.

A fine-tooth comb: is essential to smooth to give precision and another thickness to untangle before they are enough.

A hand-held mirror: is useful to check the back of your hair.

Hair clips:  crucial to separate the hair in a neat way and that no strand is in the way when cutting.

Basic advice:

This easy haircut is the simplest thing to do at home.

Simple Trim
This easy haircut is the simplest thing to do at home. At the beginning, you have to wet all the hair, no matter what haircut you have. Then it's combed with a stripe in the middle, stretching it well and leaving it as smooth as possible. The middle part is done from the front to the back of the head, to divide the entire hair in two. The hair goes forward and stretches it with the comb and stopping with the fingers, it's cut straight.

Give layering a try!

Separate the hair from the sides, the one that falls on the ears, tie it so that it does not meet with the hair from the back. All the rest of the hair must be tied in a ponytail, which can be in the middle of the head or higher, Then flip the ponytail forward over the head. The top layers are going to be the longest when you bring the ponytail forward. Cut all that surplus straight. If you want to cut even shorter, measure with your fingers and make a straight cut on the tied hair. When you release it you will see how your hair falls in layers.

A bob haircut is easy to style maintain.

Put your hair in a low ponytail and part two more separate sections in the front. Then, cut your hair in the back right below the hair tie. Take the front two sections and cut diagonally, starting at the length of your initial cut. Twist strands of hair from these two sections and slide your scissors down.

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