Coconut oil: learn all its benefits and what it can do for you Coconut oil: learn all its benefits and what it can do for you

Coconut oil: learn all its benefits and what it can do for you

For your hair, for your skin, for your dishes, for your health ... We will discover all the uses and benefits of coconut oil in your beauty routine.  Read on to find out more. 

Coconut oil has become a 'must-have' among lovers of food and natural health, something that draws our attention given the large amount of saturated fat it contains.

"It's true, coconut oil is one of the few oils of vegetable origin with almost 90% saturated fatty acids in its composition," says Samantha Penfold, creator of the Organic Market & Food concept, in Marbella and Madrid.

Coconut oil: know all the benefits and what it can do for you

Benefits for your health and your body:

If you run away from coconut oil thinking that it makes you too fat, don't deprive yourself of this food. This type of fat passes directly from the intestine to the liver, promoting ketosis (burning of fats), increasing metabolism, and increasing the feeling of satiety. The ketone bodies it produces are also the brain's preferred fuel and prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

"Coconut oil is considered a superfood for its great medicinal properties", points out Penfold: "it can kill fungi, infections, and bacteria in our body, it favors the reduction of abdominal fat and it can help Alzheimer's patients due to its effect beneficial on brain function ".

The founder of The Botox Life highlights the antibiotic and antifungal power of coconut oil since "it has one of the highest concentrations of lauric acid (50%), responsible for the protective power of breast milk."

Coconut oil for skin and hair:

But coconut oil can be used for more than cooking. It is also a natural cosmetic wonder that hydrates and protects the skin and hair, as the founder of Organic Market & Food points out. "The vitamin E it contains is a powerful antioxidant that prevents premature aging of the skin, and its proteins repair tissues and contribute to cellular health", explains the expert.

Coconut oil is considered a superfood for its great medicinal properties

In fact, The Botox Life expert recommends using it as a night cream, as it "repairs the skin and gives it a spectacular glow". "It can be used like any other type of facial or body oil or cream," says Penfold.

Psst. It is also very effective as a lip balm and a very practical make-up remover.

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Cathy has spent most of her professional life discovering homemade beauty remedies, old and new. Using her extensive knowledge of natural ingredients, Cathy will provide expert advice on how to tackle everyday skincare problems with straightforward natural lotions and potions. + info

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