Chocolate-covered vegan collagen? Yes, please!

So, chocolate and skincare have been, historically, quite on opposite sides. But it turns out that there’s a new kid on the block that is bold enough to bring the two things together!

This is the fact: it turns out that there is a vegan collagen alternative that comes in the form of chocolate that you have to eat every day in order to achieve the ultimate goal of glowy skin. 

Two of these a day will help you achieve your skincare goal!

As a matter of fact, they are called Glow Bites, manufactured by Sourse’s. It looks like an oversized M&M, but it is actually a chocolate, candy-covered, vegan, and cruelty-free collagen alternative. Two of these a day are all you need to achieve your perfect skin goal.

However, this isn’t the brand’s only attempt to make our lives easier: they also have chocolate coated B12, which, if you are vegan, you know such a thing is kind of bliss.

What are Glow Bites made of?

It gets its blue color thanks to spirulina.

Glow Bites are infused with 100% clean ingredients, including Ceramosides, which is a plant-based and gluten-free alternative to collagen.

“Ceramosides act in a similar way to promote collagen synthesis in your body as well as inhibiting the degradation of your body's collagen network by suppressing collagenase, an enzyme that breaks down collagen", explains Jenne Moore, CEO of Sourse. “Clinical studies have shown Ceramosides improve skin elasticity and texture in as little as two weeks.” 

These chocolate candies are blue and there is a reason for that, too. It contains Spirulina, which is also a popular superfood that can help you detoxify and improve your skin clarity.

Apparently, the one true problem with this product is that it is absolutely hard to limit yourself to just two a day, because not only they are good for you, but they are also very tasty!

Tina Reese

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