Check out these fragrances that are proven aphrodisiacs

Nothing channels desire like an irresistible fragrance. And some are, actually, aphrodisiacs. Here's what experts say.

Kristen Quinn Castro, the founder of Los Feliz Botanicals, says that “we are animals at our core, and with the modern sterilization of our environments, the one area we can really connect to our instincts, our intuition, and our limbic system is within sex and sensuality.” And a great way to do that is through scents and fragrances.

“To me, there are two types of aphrodisiac scents: animalic and spice,” says Quinn Castro. And it's worth noting that animalic scents don't necessarily mean animal-derived musks. As a matter of fact, many floral scents are considered animalic. So, what are aphrodisiac scents? Here's a list of fragrances that have been thought to boost libido for centuries, but that are proven by science.


In 2015, a study revealed that jasmine is a powerful aphrodisiac

In 2015, a study found that jasmine boosted libido. This scent is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, with plenty of variations that mimic animalic musk.


Rose contains indoles

According to Quinn Castro, rose contains indole that, shockingly enough, is a scent molecule found in decomposition waste. As gross as it sounds, this is what makes the typical rose scent what it is, at the same time it turns it into a powerful aphrodisiac.


Ginger is known play an important part in male arousal

A 2017 study revealed that ginger is a spicy root that stimulates male arousal, besides having a lot of other therapeutic properties, like improving circulation, or aiding headaches.


Ambrette is one of the trendiest scents nowadays!

Again, another botanical musk that mimics animalic scents that are commonly associated with arousal. A study revealed that ambrette is a powerful aphrodisiac and, as a matter of fact, this one is among the most popular fragrances on the market.

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