Charcoal for your hair? See what the benefits are!

Charcoal cleansers, masks, pore strips, scrubs, you name it. But is it possible to use charcoal to enhance your hair?

Charcoal is a byproduct of carbon-containing minerals. This active powder is fine, odorless, tasteless and it’s non-toxic. The good thing about charcoal is that it is negatively charged and has pores, so it helps attract toxins –it is sometimes used in medicine to pump the stomach after poison ingestions. Charcoal first became popular for skincare, but it has now also become popular for hair and the scalp. What does it do to your hair?

Charcoal first became popular for skincare

It acts as a deep cleanser

It is particularly useful for oily hair, it draws oils trapped in dead skin cell away from the scalp, it absorbs excess sebum and helps balance the hair roots and haft´s oil. Charcoal relieves build-up at the base of the hair and scalp from excess product making your hair look lighter and shiner.

Relieves itchiness

Charcoal relieves itchy scalp.

Charcoal can relieve some scalp conditions such as acne or oily seborrheic dermatitis, therefore soothing irritation and itchiness.

Adds volume

Charcoal can volumize your hair

Charcoal can volumize your hair, it can help with flat hair or oily hair and slap, once it is clean it will appear thicker and voluminous.

How to use charcoal for your hair?

It is perfect for those trying to balance their scalps or suffer from breakouts, dandruff or excessive oil. Most charcoal treatments can be used for anyone. Charcoal-infused products can be used once every seven or then days as a scrub or clarifying shampoo. It can be used weekly or twice a week in extreme circumstances.

The best variations of charcoal are activated charcoal and binchotan charcoal. The structure of activated charcoal is like a sponge, with a bumpy jagged surface so dirt and toxins stick to before they are washed away. Binchotan charcoal also and draws impurities from the scalp and makes the follicles free to focus on the hair cycle –hair grows easily with a clean scalp.

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