Is champagne good for your hair and skin?

Champagne in your beauty routine? Is champagne good for your hair and skin? Let’s see!

We have become the DIY masters this year, but using champagne in your beauty routine is surely something new. Read on to discover!

The champagne season is officially here and we are about to find out that it’s not only a refreshing beverage but also a great beauty ingredient. If your guests happen to have left behind some half-filled bottles of champagne, don’t fret over it, you needn’t waste it –consider incorporating the remainder of it into your skincare or hair care routine. Without further ado, I present to you the alternative use of your drink of choice!

Re-use your champagne leftovers!

Reduces redness, inflammation and brightens skin

Champagne contains polyphenols, these are micronutrients with extraordinary antioxidant properties. Not only do they improve your digestion, but they are also used in the body as a natural defense against external pathogens and UV radiation.

The antioxidants and tartaric acid contained in champagne have detoxifying, antioxidant and lightening properties. It is perfect for oily skin as it has antibacterial properties –thus helps get read of pimples!

Tip: DIY skin toner to reduce redness, inflammation and acne:

  1. Saturate a cotton ball or pad with some cold champagne
  2. Just wipe across your face.
    DIY and skin toner to reduce redness, inflammation and acne:

The polyphenols will reduce the inflammation and the tartaric acid will even out your tone.

Champagne helps detoxify your scalp and soften your hair

The fermentation process undergone by champagne produces amino acids and vitamins that provide softness and shine to hair. The grapes used in champagne contain anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals to help keep hair glowy and the scalp healthy.

Tip: DIY champagne hair rinse

  1. Just mix one-half cup of champagne with one-half cup of hot water and distribute the mix throughout your hair.
  2. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse away and condition.

Exfoliating bath

The carbon dioxide in champagne acts as a mild exfoliator to soothe dry skin. To reap the benefits, you just need to pour your spare glass of champagne, into a hot bath with bath bubbles for an exfoliating treat for your skin.

The carbon dioxide in champagne acts as a mild exfoliator to soothe dry skin.

Please do not rush to get a bottle of champagne just for your DIY, these are useful tips to make use of your champagne leftovers! We always recommend trying to lead a zero-waste life and to choose sustainable alternatives whenever possible.

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