Celebrities without makeup: Bella Thorne has a strange beauty secret

The actress is known for talking about acne and showing off her natural skin in social media. Fans praised Thorne for her beautiful skin, without wearing makeup.

The 22-year-old usually shares her photos without makeup on Instagram. She looks beautiful with or without makeup.

Many support the trend of not wearing makeup so that women feel completely comfortable in their own skin.

She says she had a hard time accepting her skin at first, but now she is comfortable with or without makeup.

“My skin has been a long time in the works. I don’t even know how many years I’ve had cystic acne, but it started as dermatitis and then I tried basically everything you can think of. Tearing off parts of your own face (like your own skin), burning it off, the vampire facials, the microneedling, the lasers – every laser you can name, I’ve done it,”.

To achieve beautiful skin, Bella maintains healthy habits, like exercising, a healthy diet a thorough skincare routine.

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