Capsule wardrobe: essential garment everyone should have

Capsule wardrobe: essential garment everyone should have

Basic garments may appear to be dull sometimes, but in reality, they can adapt to the person, other clothes and accessories.

Clothes change according to who wears them and what they are accompanied by.

Black is always a good option, but you also have to choose other neutral colors so that you don't get tired.

This is what your wardrobe should not lack:

Three shirts for summer and three for winter, white, black, and grey. They must have neat finishes, with a comfortable neckline and not too tight. They should always look impeccable. The ideal is to renew them every season.

Wardrobe essentials

A good black sweater, with a fine weave, comfortable and of excellent quality. It should mark the silhouette subtly and be loose enough to wear something underneath.

A cardigan made of yarn, in a color you like, but preferably neutral.

At least two pairs of jeans: one for the day, to wear with slippers or low heels, and another to wear with high heels.

You must have at least two jeans

Three black skirts, of different lengths and cuts and fabrics.

A jacket to match the skirts, to wear at work.

A classic black pant, with a good cut and good quality fabric.

Two black dresses, one day dress for the weekend, and one dress that suits work and an evening or night out.

A black dress is a must-have for your wardrove

A waterproof trench coat, with good buttons.

A good light black leather jacket or coat.

Essential footwear

Essential footwear: a pair of black shoes to wear with everything, a pair of comfortable heeled boots to wear with jeans or trousers, basic flats to match everything, black sandals with a heel of approximately 8 cm, and trainers for sports and long walks.

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